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Sunday Morning Running Time Warp

We managed to do it this morning me and my dog running time warp video it wasn’t too bad, well I didn’t think it was.

Weather was a bit cloudy and cool which was good for us both, we did about 6.8 miles and it took us about 59 min.

I am still learning how to edit videos and how the GoPro 7 black works its a great little action camera if you know how to use it.

But slowly as I am putting them on YouTube which is a science in itself I am getting better.

This was our long run this week that brings our weeks told to 23.3 miles. we are going to stay at this sort of miles for now so we can get used to miles.

We have just started averaging 20 plus miles each week it’s taking us a long time to do this consistently.

Working full time and running is hard but we both keep working at it slowly and making sure we don’t injure ourselves.

We have started doing a recovery run on a Monday which we both find hard to run slower than normal.

But if we keep doing it we will forget about it when our bodies accept the miles.

Darby my springer Spaniel who you see in the time wrap enjoyed it so much she wanted to go further but I think that 6.8 miles were enough for today.

She gets so excited before we go out that she pulled me for the first couple of miles and then she eventually settled down.

We going get some rest now because we start the week again with 5.5 miles slow run tomorrow.

Have a look at the dog running time warp on YouTube see what you think.

Keep running people.

Dog Running Time Wrap

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