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Having found my passion for running again it makes me wonder why I stop running all of them years ago. Starting running has made me feel very happy in my self and more conference in myself again.

But why did I stop running I use to run 3/4 time a week and entering a few races too, but then I stopped not just for a day or a week or a month I just stopped.

It was about 3 years until I started running again the same way I started the first time, to lose some weight. As I had put some stones back on,

I don’t know entirely why I lose my passion for running but this is what I think happened.

We all know excise can be quite an addict hobby when you start to get fitter and start seeing the benefits. It’s great and it’s the same with running you start off just with small runs and in no time your look at your times and distance.

It’s your competition in you coming into play which is good that’s what racing is all about who going to win the race or can I beat my PB.

For me, I found that training is hard and sometimes not enjoyable which got me into a place where I wasn’t getting better. Which made me feel like I was running up a mountain all the time but never running down it after.

It seemed at the time I got lose in Times and distance and forgot about running just for pleasure. I am an average runner I know this now and I except it now but I know there is a lot of runners that will say it’s all about the time & distance.

And that’s great that what works for them but my passion for running is for myself, then my dog and then time & distance.

I love planing a new route that I and my dog can run and see different places hear different sounds listen to some music.

Just enjoy it for what it is that why I started this blog and hopefully I will share more with you all on our journey.

just one question for you.

If I run with my dog does that make me a dog runner or a runner who runs with his dog?

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