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My dog took me for a run this morning So first things first we will need to make sure we are hydrated so plenty of water before going out.

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5 am Alarm 

Hi, my name is Darby the Springer spaniel and this is my owner Phil. Both of us love running as much as possible.

I will be taking him for a run this morning as he hasn’t been out for a few days. It will have to be early because I can’t wait to start and all so its to hot for us both later on.

In this warmer weather, I have found that keeping well hydrated before and after a run is so important. By going out early it is so must cooler, than later on, we both would advise this.

The first two miles for Phil were a killer but for me, it was very easy it comes naturally you know. Sometimes I don’t think he’s getting any better but don’t tell him I said that.

I think it’s his age you know he turned 40 last year and I have noticed the differences. He wakes me up in the night when he is going to use the bathroom. So I am making sure he is well hydrated just in case he forgets.

But anyway, after the fourth-mile Phil is keeping up with me, at last, so we can run further yippee

keeping hydrated is key

Both of us enjoyed the run we did about seven miles in the end. Phil was recording it with his GoPro so have a look at the video down below.

I am the one with four legs and Phil is the one on the lead you may not see him much as he is a little shy.

We both hope you like this post and would love you to stay hydrated as much as possible in life.

Well Hydrated dog

Cooling down

Well Hydrated Dog

Enjoying The Water

Well Hydrated Dog Time-lapse

Well Hydrated Dog Time-Lapse

Well Hydrated Dog Time-Lapse