About Us

Hi, my name is Philip Jakeman and I am the creator and owner of ASDRY LTD, 

I have always wanted to start my own business which would help people in some way but I never really knew which industry would be best for me, but one day my son asked me if we could go fishing, and I was a bit shocked that I had forgotten that I used to love fishing as a child and had many fond memories with my dad and grandpa fishing on the canal each week. 

So me and my son started to teach ourselves to fish in 2022, we have had to learn a lot of skills and are still learning today.

So I decided to share some of the things we have done through this blog, we are dedicated to helping and promoting fishing & fish care through different media content.

The catch is what we see when talking about fishing, But this is the outcome of the hard work and passion that person has given for that to happen.

We believe fishing is much more than just the catch, we show you what doesn’t get told and talked about, showing you that memories are made by people, and the different skills that you need to learn along the way are not always acknowledged as the achievement of fishing but they are.

We create original, research content about fishing and fish care so that you can be inspired to go fishing and what it can offer you personally.

Thank you for reading this page I hope you have found our story of how we started this business helpful and if you need to contact me then just give me an email at [email protected]