Is Hook Line Fishing A Talent or Skill?

As a lad fishing on the canal bank, it was so difficult to get your fishing bait in the right spot to keep the fish in your peg, when competing against other anglers who were also fighting to catch in their peg. but sitting there on my tackle box with these challenges and the excitement of a new hobby and maybe catching a lot more fish than the other lads, is what made me want to go fishing again, and again, which makes fishing such a great hobby, but why were all the angles catching more fish than me and could I ever be as good as them, this made me think, is fishing a talent or is it a skill that we can master flawlessly?

Fishing is a skill, not a talent, you can be a skill anger to the people who can master all the skills that are needed, all the professional anglers have perfected the skills needed to fish without mistakes, leaving only the decision for the fish to take the bait.

Teaching my son how to fish has been challenging at times, and we have both learned many processes of the different skills we also have had a good laugh along the way, but there is a lot more for us to learn and improve on. when we talk about why fishing isn’t a talent there are a lot of factors that are involved in fishing that are out of your control, chance is the main one so let’s have a look at that.

What are the chances of me catching a carp?

well normally, if you like me and my son, it is not very high many days we have not caught a single fish, which is so sol destroying, and other days we have caught lots, but the term chance references to probability, and what’s the likelihood of the outcome, so when we talking about comparing the chances of a fish swimming past your bait, the chances mainly comes down to how many fish are in the water and how big the water volume is, commercial waters ponds, canals, rivers, and oceans, all have different fish stock levels that are unknown to us, or we are told through hearsay which is not all way current, that there could be high numbers of fish with a small volume of water which will give you a higher chance of catching them or maybe they are low numbers of fish with a larger area of water which makes catching harder, rivers and oceans are even harder because of the volume of water fishers have to swim freely, when we look at the chances aspect of fishing you can see that it’s impossible to measure without the water volume and fish stock levels, but you can see that it helps you break down that fish has many factors that play with the outcome.

well I didn’t see that coming, and unpredictable are great lines we say when something happens that we could not have seen, this is down to how fishing has many different factors that can affect the outcome, weather conditions, temperature change, weather pressure all play a role in the outcome but they can vary without prewarning which is why unpredictable and randomness play a part in fishing.

opportunities come and go in fishing, but when we see an opportunity we instinctively want to take it, but opportunities have already happened that you have just seen which makes the opportunities worthless, We have all seen fish jump up into the air or some bubbles in the water, so we see the opportunity and say to ownself move your fish bait there, which fails more times then a catch. At some point, you have to choose a plan of how you’re going to fish and that’s when risk comes into play. You have to commit to your way of fishing and what you believe to be the best place to put your bait and which method of fishing and stick to it otherwise you will doubt yourself and that’s the risk you have taken to fish now and in that spot.

which skills will I need to learn to be an angler?

Below is a list of the six basic skills that you need to learn to start fishing, each one is a category then the individual skill, In setting up a rig you will have two or three different processes from how to attach your hook to attaching your float. These are all different processes that you going to have to learn, there are many more skills that you would need to learn after the six, but these are the first to concentrate on when you have just started fishing as a hobby.

  • License & UK law – having a license and rules, fishing club rules,
  • Setting up the rod – pole, rod, reel, rests.
  • Setting up Rig – Leads, Weights, floats, Hooks,
  • Putting bait on the hook – lure, Corn, maggots, worms,
  • Landing the fish – striking, landing net, keep net.
  • Caring for the fish – Unhooking the fish, fish health,

There are a lot of skills here to learn when you first start fishing, but these are the main six skills that you will have to learn to start with, by learning the process time and time again you build the basic skills as you become more confident these skills will eventually turn into skills and you won’t ever think of them as they will be natural to you, there is a lot more skills and processes to learn as you collect more new tackle.

Below is a few topics that I believe are advanced skills that are a great help in the future for you to learn. but don’t forget that fishing is not all about being talented at it. It’s about the catch and perfecting your skills and improving each time you cast your line so don’t think that you have to be the best at it because there are only a small few anglers that are talented and they are at the top of the game, but if that’s your goal you go and get it.

Why is Dad so good at fishing?

because I have patience son,

Having Patience is key to fishing padawan.

patience is one of the key things in fishing. You can’t rush it. Waiting for a bite can be quite quick, but it also can take ages depending on what you fishing for so making sure that all the processes that you have done are right will make the wait a lot more stress-free because you’re always doubting yourself that is your bait sitting on the bottom right or has the bait come off, now all those questions you’ll keep thinking about will over time make you bring your line in and check but knowing that you have put the bait on right time and time again correctly will help you wait for the catch, learning to be patient is a hard skill especially when your first starting, and it can be one of the key skills to learn when carp fish.

experienced anglers are full of tips.

Let’s face it being a skill angler comes down to one massive point, and that is to go fishing as many times as you can, which gains you experience in the type of fishing you’re doing. Many sports people are talented but this is down to many years of training in the sport, which has many different skills that they have had to master. Fishing is the same, many processes learnt which turn into a skill by gaining experience is the key to becoming a skilled angler.

When you’re on the fishing bank always talk to the other anglers because their knowledge is a massive Encyclopaedia to you, everyone we have spoken to has always helped us and has been one of the key ways we have learnt to fish for us, and when they see my son they can’t help themselves but give advice and tips and show my son how they do it.

Learning fish behaviour has got to be one of the hardest things to learn when learning to fish. This comes down from experience and knowing the type of fish you are fishing and the environment the fish is in, being aware of the environment and all factors in that environment can help with the catch, where trees are overhanging creating shadows in the water, which will have a drop in water temperature, the weather can play a significant part in whether fish are tempted to bite. knowing what the weather is doing and the temperature and pressure can help make a Picture of the fish behaviour is one thing, knowing the environment is another but having a general knowledge of all areas will help with your catch.

Fishing technique is another skill to learn as there are many different types of fishing from Pole fishing to lure fishing. All of these have different techniques to learn, to start with maybe learn one and then maybe maybe another one, but this is totally up to you, different techniques is a different types of fishing which come with different fishing gear, different fishing bait,. You name it it’s all different, so don’t forget you need to purchase all this first.

I hope that this post has given you an insight into fishing and has inspired you to have a go at the key skills that you need to fish this site is all about encouraging people to have a go at fishing and I hope you do.